Push notifications are pop-up messages displayed on the status bar on the user’s device. Once users tap the notification message, they will then be redirected to the mobile app.

Email alerts are another way to let your users know when a new edition is available, to welcome them as they subscribe or to remind them that their subscription is about to expire or renew.

Notifications are a strong delivery system that are often used by subscribers as main channel to access the E-paper sites daily.



Within Branded Editions, we provide you several ways to send notifications via apps to your users:

  • You can use our internal tool to build and send push notifications. Our tool allows you to schedule and set the time and date you desire.
  • Push notifications sent via RSS Channel: when publishers get their apps created with RSS feed, one feed can be used as breaking news feed, and whenever there is a new article added to that identified feed, we would send the notification (breaking news) out to the users.
  • Cloud messaging via Firebase: our analytics integration with Firebase allows you to send manual push notifications to Android and iOS users using the Firebase messaging tool.
  • Daily notifications of new edition being available. this is a way of receiving daily alerts via app when a new edition is available. This is not the same as email alerts, and it works as a device notification (no email). Users can simply manage enabling/disabling notifications from their own devices.



Notifications may contain all text copy and include action buttons.

Here are some of the benefits of sending push notifications.

  • Engage users
  • Increase retention
  • Provide timely updates or urgent news
  • Enhance user experience

                                                                                                                                                                         Examples of different email alert notifications.


If used properly, notifications can effectively help boost customer retention rates and improve engagement. However, misuse and overuse of push notifications can overwhelm users, which will urge them to unsubscribe to your app or, worse, uninstall the mobile application from their device.


Here are some common types of notifications:

  • Breaking news updates
  • Email alerts
  • Onboard a new user
  • Welcome emails
  • Promotional codes or discounts off next purchases
  • Promotional or season campaigns
  • Reminder messages


Reach to your account manager for more info.