Last month, we did a recap of all the new additions to the front and back end of our technology.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of the first magazine with some innovative features that are set to transform your experience with our product.

¡HOLA!, the acclaimed weekly Spanish-language magazine specializing in celebrity news, takes a bold step into the future with the launch of its dynamic latest news and digital edition applications for iOS and Android.

These new apps mark a significant upgrade in user engagement and news consumption that redefine the reading experience.


New features and improved user experience

At the heart of this innovation lies the integration of custom text-to-speech Spanish audio (from Spain). This exemplifies ¡HOLA! magazine’s dedication to tailoring content to individual preferences and giving Spanish-speaking users a more authentic experience.

The journey commences with an animated splash screen. This dynamic entry point constructs a strong visual identity, leaving a lasting impression that resonates throughout the reading journey.

Crafting a blend between content and context, strategically positioned advertisements merge harmoniously with the reading experience. This mutually beneficial rapport not only empowers advertisers but ensures that readers engage with content aligned with their interests, amplifying their overall involvement.

By introducing the WebView channels—encompassing Play and Podcast sections—¡HOLA! elevates storytelling to a multi-sensory level. From insightful articles to captivating podcasts and videos, users can effortlessly navigate through diverse content forms, all united within a cohesive platform.

Enabling readers to stay in sync with breaking events, Latest News springs to life through the power of RSS feeds. This real-time feature solidifies ¡HOLA!  magazine’s standing as an indispensable source for staying informed at all times, and for free.


Download and subscribe here:


This moment marks a significant step forward in our commitment to innovation and excellence. As always, your support and feedback drive us to push boundaries and create solutions that resonate with your needs.

Stay tuned as we continue to evolve, innovate, and bring you technology that not only keeps pace with the future but defines it.