Revista piauí, a renowned Brazilian monthly magazine celebrated for its profound journalism and insightful commentary, is proud to announce the launch of its new digital products powered by Branded Editions technology.




Established in 2006 by journalist and writer João Moreira Salles, Revista piauí has consistently delivered high-quality content covering diverse topics such as politics, culture, and social issues. Known for its in-depth reporting and unique storytelling, the magazine has become a staple in the Brazilian media landscape.

Digital Evolution:

In response to user demand, Revista piauí has introduced a digital edition/kiosk for its titles, recognizing the evolving preferences of its audience. While the magazine had a pre-existing digital edition, technical issues prompted a switch in providers.

Expectations and Strategy:

With the implementation of Branded Editions technology, Revista piauí aims to enhance their users experience and anticipates a surge in digital subscribers. The magazine is actively working to boost its digital subscription rate by incorporating new products and delivering content aligned with modern subscriber expectations.

Partnership with Branded Editions:

While the results of partnering with Branded Editions are yet to be fully realized, Revista piauí emphasizes the importance of features such as archives in supporting its digital strategy.

Future Outlook:

Digital Coordinator, Pieter Zalis, shared insights into the magazine’s future, stating, “We do not have immediate plans to go 100% digital. Our focus remains on stabilization in the short term, and the long-term trajectory of the publishing industry is uncertain.”

Explore the New Platform:

Revista piauí invites readers to explore their new digital platform and subscribe to access compelling content that continues to set the standard for quality journalism.

Visit  and subscribe here to their website.

Exciting Developments

Stay tuned for the launch of Revista piauí’s new SDK apps in the coming months! This expansion into the mobile space reflects Revista piauí’s commitment to providing innovation and accessibility for their readers.



About Revista piauí:

Revista piauí is a Brazilian monthly magazine founded in 2006, known for its in-depth journalism, analysis, and commentary on politics, culture, and society. Edited by Editora Alvinegra and printed and distributed by Editora Abril, the magazine has garnered recognition for its high-quality writing and unique storytelling.