Today, The Salt Lake Tribune launches its new e-edition powered by Branded Editions to offer its audience an enhanced reading experience. The decision to partner with PressReader’s digital publishing solution came after the Utah-based newspaper gathered feedback from its readers, who asked for an easier-to-use platform.

Branded Editions has been working closely with The Salt Lake Tribune to develop a custom solution tailored to its needs. As a result, the Tribune’s new e-edition includes the Google Ads integration; this will allow the Tribune to develop a dedicated advertising strategy for the e-edition and help increase revenue.

Readers will now enjoy a better, more enhanced, and interactive reading experience. Features include multiple viewing options to switch between page and text views, multi-platform hosting, mobile-friendly access, offline reading, and support for multiple languages.

In October 2019, the IRS approved The Salt Lake Tribune for 501(c)(3) status, becoming the first non-profit legacy newspaper in the United States; readers and subscribers can support this Pulitzer-winning newspaper through tax-deductible donations. The transition to a non-profit business model was one of many moves designed to ensure that the journalistic integrity that readers have come to rely on is carried into the future.

Find out more about Branded Editions’ digital publishing solutions today.