Expand your income streams

Expand your income streams

Branded Editions offer a full suite of e-commerce options – providing single copy purchasing, product bundles, and renewable subscription options.

We work with multiple payment providers around the world to ensure your readers’ preferred method of payment is possible. In-App Purchasing (IAP) is also available for iOS and Android.

We’re here to help you determine the best payment options to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.

Build audience and brand loyalty

With Branded Editions it is easy to create and run promotional campaigns.

Whether you use one unique code name offering a discount, or hundreds of random active ones linked to a contest, promo codes are a great way to attract new readers to your content and drive circulation.

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Strategically cut your costs

While print is still essential for many publishers, the shift to digital is underway.

Digital delivery is far less expensive and provides more opportunities to reach readers further and faster than ever before.

A balanced print-digital strategy can help you optimize your distribution, maximize subscriber potential, and drive more to the bottom-line. And it also has the added benefit of being green!

Show your commitment to sustainability by offering a digital edition to readers who want to make the switch.

Maximize your ROI

Branded Editions uses smart data and real-time analytics to track and measure audience engagement through Branded Edition reporting functionality, or by integrating third party analytics to your digital edition.

Branded Editions incorporates third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics, ComScore, Mather Listener, and Omniture, and many more. Use that information to understand your audience and enhance the user experience for every one of your readers.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to understand your audience, track and measure real-time engagement, and create a better user experience.

Maximize ROI

Keep your content Audit Bureau Compliant (ABC)

Capitalize on our relationships with major bureaus to ensure every issue and subscription is ABC compliant.

Our systems are independently audited by KPMG annually – ensuring consistency in reporting across the globe.

Increase your discoverability

We invite you to distribute your digital editions on PressReader: the world’s largest aggregated newspaper and magazine platform.

Tap into PressReader’s network of thousands of global business partners that sponsor access to your content for their customers.

Imagine readers discovering your publication for the first time while flying with British Airways, staying at a Marriott hotel, or sailing the ocean with Silversea.

Direct your new readers from the PressReader platform to your Branded Edition – making it easier than ever to grow your loyal reader base.

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