Take a quick peek under the hood of Branded Editions to learn more about some of our solutions for newspapers, magazines, and corporate publications that make Branded Editions in a class all by itself.

Interactive Features

Powerful interactive and social features designed to engage users with your content and each other are available with Branded Editions. From sharing to translation, our features enrich the user experience and can be a big part of the added value that brings loyalty to your brand.

Kiosk support

Kiosk support

With Branded Editions, it is possible to create either standalone sites or kiosk-style solutions, aggregating multiple titles in one digital space. Some of the benefits of the kiosk-style solution are cost-effectiveness, brand consistency and the opportunity to maximize upselling opportunities. For readers it makes the journey between publications easier and more intuitive.

Full Ecommerce with payments in various currencies, Reader registration/Single Sign On, Print Subscriber validation, Bundling and NIE options. Sample Editions and Trials periods also available.

Mobile Applications

Branded Apps are available with any of our product options (kiosks or standalone sites) so you can offer your readers full access to your publications at anytime and from anywhere. For subscribers, the same set of user credentials will allow access to the titles via any point-of-entry. All features available for the site are transferable to the App; particularly interesting additions are Push Notifications and Offline Reading. Apps can be developed for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Ask us about our brand new BE 2.0 version, currently in beta release in the USA and Australia, which brings together all your feed and web based content, plus your full replica product with all the bells and whistles in one app. Available late 2019 for iOS and Android.

Mobile applications

More solutions

Subscriptions & Bundles

Ask us about your options when it comes to digital sales. Branded Editions can be as simple or as complex as you need. From simple one-to-one subscriptions to flexible bundles able to stack products for any end-user, our system can be easily set to tackle your product strategy, ensuring an intuitive end user journey.

Promo codes & Trials

Branded Editions support multiple options for sampling and offers easy ways to promote your content. It is easy to create variable lengths of trials, publish sample issues or set up traditional promo codes tied to discounts or that can be used as part of contests. We all know that the best way to attract new customers is letting them sample the goods. Our solution is waiting for you!

Print Validation & User imports

Many of our publishing partners have been around for a long time – and sometimes that means subscription systems just aren’t ready to support a web based authentication. With the Branded Editions, it is possible to setup a print validation process based on a CSV file upload. The frequency of the updates are set by you and the validation is completed the first time a consumer uses the service. Ask us for examples of how this feature can be implemented.

NIE & Corporate Accounts

Branded Editions have a few options available for you when it comes to offering your content to schools or corporations. Whether it is an IP Access setup to avoid the need to sign in every time, or limited access from a particular URL, it is easy to allow for simultaneous accesses, simplifying the readers experience. Ask us about the available solutions to target any specific groups.


Archived editions can be turned into a source of incremental revenue and Branded Editions can help you to make the best of it. With our solutions, you can either create a whole new product dedicated to your Archives; or sell enhanced subscriptions with various levels of access to back issues along with current content. You decide how much, at what price.


Real-time analytics allow publishers to see the value of every page, whether utilizing Branded Editions reporting functionality or bringing in third party analytics.

Google Analytics, ComScore, Mather Listener, and Omniture are just some of the third-party analytics platforms that can be incorporated into your BE powered by PressReader.

Your current analytics suite can be an extension to the SDK, providing a holistic view of the content being consumed by your readers throughout the combined app.

Coming soon

Coming soon to Branded Editions: NativeAI

NativeAI is a powerful analytics platform designed for publishers to help them understand their audience at a deeper level, and execute better on their editorial using Natural Language Processing (NLP) personalization technology.

NativeAI is built on a mixture of Web Analytics and other audience metrics such as visits, channels, engagement, user locations and, Semantic Analysis, and Machine Learning algorithms.

To deliver custom analytics for your specific content, NativeAI automatically cleans, parses, and catalogs each piece of content: headlines, authors, tags, media, and more. It then detects all named entities from an interconnected ontology that is continuously learning & growing.

NativeAI recognizes topics across both broad and niche categories while the advanced clustering functionality crawls all news content on the web, and measures your stories against stories on the same topic from other publishers. NativeAI gives you more than just content analytics; it gives you Content Intelligence.

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