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Back in 1999, a start-up called NewspaperDirect (rebranded to PressReader in 2014) began digitally printing full-content newspapers at hotels, libraries, airports, and retail outlets around the world. At the time, reading The Wall Street Journal or Sueddeutsche Zeitung half way around the globe on the day the issues were published was unheard of.

PressReader’s continuously evolving technology revolutionized media distribution and attracted publishers who were looking to break into previously unreachable markets to grow revenue. That technology also powers the company’s proprietary digital publishing technology – Branded Editions (be). Built on open standards (HTML5 & XML), be transforms flat, PDF-like replicas into immersive reading experiences online and through an app. 

“Branded Editions is and has always been about enabling publishers to deliver a superior reading experience to their users. When publishers produce top quality journalism, they need a platform that matches that quality. No matter the specifications, our Branded Editions product is that platform, and is trusted by publishers worldwide to deliver what matters most, their content” – Steve Chapman, VP, Content Partnerships.

be technology is licensed by the world’s most iconic publishers for their privately labelled digital editions, bespoke apps, and web kiosks – brands like The New York Times, El Pais, The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, The Times (of London), Haymarket, ABC, Kiosko y más, and Clarin.

Our be publishing partners require a premium solution and topnotch support. We deliver just that from our headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and international offices in Ireland, Germany, and The Philippines.  Our international team of experts is standing by to do the same for you.

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