Whether you’re selling digital, digital and print, bundles or memberships, we understand that the requirements can be endless.

Branded Editions supports multiple subscription options, including print subscriber validation and imports, trials and more, offering you upselling opportunities and the ability to target and cater to multiple demographics.


Powerfully simple

Choose from multiple authentication options, including sequential authentication, through our single sign-on providers iServices, Janrain, Gigya, Blox, Piano, and more.

Include authentication, e-commerce and in-app purchase options with our integrations. Any or all, the choice is yours.

Powerfully simple


Control the features you want to offer in your digital edition. Geo-target your content to optimize campaigns and readership. Easily lock and unlock publications.

Program push notifications for new releases or breaking news, and let your readers stay in the know.

Toggle advanced features like e-mail and social sharing, on-demand audio and translation.


Cutting edge apps for iOS and Android operating systems complement your digital product and allow your content to be available anywhere.

With Branded Editions apps, users can enjoy offline reading options, enriched content, and through our next gen mobile product, always be informed of the latest news.


Create a more engaging reading experience for your readers and enhance the effectiveness of print advertisements. Add audio, photo and video content to editorial and advertorial content.

No plugins required!


Integrate the Branded Editions Software Developer Kit (SDK) into your existing iOS and Android apps and give subscribers access to all the features of your digital edition, plus your feed-based content — all in the same product.

Our SDK supports all the great sales opportunities included in our digital editions.

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Quality assured

We rigorously test our technology before touching your content to ensure your readers enjoy an exceptional digital content experience.

We battle test all features and functionalities on the world’s largest all-you-can-read newspaper and magazine platform: PressReader.

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